Building a community where we can all thrive – our code of conduct

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Building our community together

HurstWorks is designed to provide you with a comfortable, productive, and collaborative environment where you can work on your projects, network with other members, and enjoy our various amenities and events.

As a member of HurstWorks, we ask you to abide by the following code of conduct, which aims to ensure a safe, inclusive, and respectful atmosphere for everyone. Please read it carefully and follow it at all times.

Respect boundaries

We value diversity and inclusion in HurstWorks. We welcome members of different backgrounds, identities, orientations, abilities, and opinions. We ask you to treat everyone with kindness, courtesy, and professionalism. Do not engage in any form of harassment, discrimination, or intimidation towards other members or members of the HurstWorks or High Street Coworking team.

If you witness or experience any form of harassment or inappropriate behaviour in HurstWorks, please report it to the staff immediately. We will take appropriate action to address the situation and ensure your safety and comfort.

Keep noise down

We understand that co-working spaces can be noisy at times… 😉 However, we ask you to be mindful of the noise level you create and how it affects other members. If you need to make an extended phone call, use a focus booth, find a quiet spot in our space or even take a walk. During group or teamwork, remember to keep noise to a respectful level because other people are using the same space for individual work. Use headphones to play music instead of blaring it from speakers.

If you are bothered by the noise level in HurstWorks, please feel free to use earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones. You can also ask the staff for assistance if the noise becomes an issue.

Stick to the schedule

We appreciate your punctuality and reliability in HurstWorks. Please stick to the schedule you have booked for your workstation or meeting room. By prolonging your session or taking too long to wrap up a call, you are probably causing a delay for everyone else who needs to use that rented space. If you need to extend your booking time, please check with the staff first and pay any additional fees if applicable.

Please also respect the opening and closing hours of HurstWorks. Do not arrive too early or stay too late without prior permission from the staff. We need time to clean and maintain the space for your convenience and safety.

Clean up after yourself

We take pride in keeping HurstWorks clean and tidy.

We ask you to do the same by cleaning up after yourself. No one likes dealing with a mess left behind by a previous coworker, so make sure to toss your coffee cup and spare napkins before leaving. Use the bins provided for your rubbish and recycling. If you spill something on the floor or furniture, please wipe it up immediately. If you use any dishes or utensils from the kitchen area, please wash them and put them back where they belong.

Please keep your belongings on your own hotdesk and avoid taking up other members’ space.

Use your common sense

We trust everyone to use common sense and good judgment in HurstWorks. As a general rule, treat the space like you would want it to be treated. This means eating only in designated areas, brushing up on the visitor policy and smoking outside. And while this should go without saying, avoid discriminatory behavior and harassment toward your fellow freelancers—it’s their space too.

Be friendly and supportive

We believe that co-working is more than just sharing a physical space. It is also about building a community of like-minded people who can support each other in their work and life goals. We encourage you to be friendly and supportive towards other members in HurstWorks.

Introduce yourself when you meet someone new. Share your skills and expertise when you can. Join our events and activities to network and socialize. Give feedback and suggestions to improve HurstWorks. Celebrate your achievements and milestones with us.

We hope that you enjoy your time in HurstWorks and find it an energizing, creative, yet safe and inclusive community. Thank you for being a part of it!

Rob and the team

Why the coworking trend is unlikely to slow any time soon


In the ever-evolving world of work, one trend that’s been gaining momentum and shows no signs of slowing down is local coworking. Here’s why:

For the Everyday Worker

Local coworking spaces offer a unique blend of flexibility and convenience. Imagine a workspace that’s always there when you need it, wherever you need it. No more long commutes or rigid schedules. Just you, your work, and a space that fits around your life.

And with all that time you’re saving on commuting, you’ve got more time for the things that matter. Maybe that’s spending time with your family, hitting the gym, or picking up a new skill or hobby.

But coworking spaces aren’t just about work. They’re about community. You’ll be working alongside a diverse group of professionals, each with their own unique skills and experiences to share.

For Local Businesses

Local businesses can benefit from coworking spaces too. They’re a hotbed for networking and collaboration, which can lead to some pretty impressive business growth. And by supporting local small businesses, coworking spaces can help to strengthen the local economy.

Environmental Benefits of coworking

And then there’s the environmental benefits. Less commuting means less fuel consumption and lower carbon emissions. In fact, if we all spent just 10% less time commuting, we could reduce our carbon footprint by 14.6%. Now that’s food for thought.

So whether you’re a freelancer looking for a flexible workspace or a local business looking to grow, coworking spaces offer a whole host of benefits. And with the added bonus of improved work/life balance and environmental benefits, it’s clear that coworking is more than just a trend – it’s the future of work.

Find out more about us.

Embracing the Work Revolution: Let’s Talk About “Work Near Home”

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In the wild world of work, where we’ve gone from commutes and 9-5 office working to Zoom calls in what feels like the blink of an eye, a new player is stepping onto the scene: “Work Near Home.” Forget the old-school office grind or the shorts and t-shirt-clad work-from-home vibe; this is a fresh take that aims to blend the best bits of both.

So, what’s the scoop with “Work Near Home”? Well, it’s like this: instead of hauling yourself to the office or juggling life from your living room, picture having a cool little workspace just a hop, skip, and a jump away from your front door. It’s the brainchild of the whole remote work craze but adds a splash of in-person camaraderie to the mix.

The BBC recently spotlighted this trend

One sweet perk of “Work Near Home” is that it’s a game-changer for work-life balance. Say goodbye to endless commutes and hello to more time for you. Whether it’s hitting the gym, spending time with family, chilling with your pet, or just catching some extra sleep, this setup gives you the flexibility to make work revolve around your life, not the other way around.

But it’s not just about personal time; it’s also about turning down the volume on the solitude that can come with working solo. “Work Near Home” means you’re not alone in this professional journey. You’ve got neighbours—your fellow professionals working nearby. It’s like having coworkers without the office politics and fluorescent lights.

And let’s not forget the good vibes that come from face-to-face chats. We’ve all become video call pros, but nothing beats the buzz of a spontaneous brainstorming session or the fun of coffee break banter. With local workspaces, you can have your cake and eat it too – the best of both the digital and physical worlds.

Flexibility is the name of the game with “Work Near Home.” Forget the rigid 9-to-5; it’s all about getting the job done when it suits you best. Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, this setup lets you choose your hours, focusing on results rather than clock-watching.

And here’s a little secret – it’s not just employees who are winning. Companies can save some serious cash by ditching the big office leases and opting for smaller, localized spots. It’s a win-win, with businesses cutting costs and tapping into talent from all corners of the map.

As we ride the wave of the post-pandemic work revolution, “Work Near Home” is looking like the cool kid on the block. It’s shaking up the way we see work, offering a mix that’s flexible, community-driven, and downright enjoyable. So, buckle up for the ride because the future of work is looking a whole lot like “Work Near Home” – where the coffee is strong, the Wi-Fi is solid, and the (community) vibe is just right.

Membership Options

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We aim to offer a range of flexible membership options to cater to freelancers, start-ups, and remote workers. 

There is an initial member set-up charge of £100. If you’d like to pre-register for membership when we open in early 2024, please email

1. Pay-as-you-go

Come and go as you please during the working week, with our simple pay-as-you-go option. The ultimate in low-cost, co-working flexibility!

Simply pay in advance or on the day, £25 per 4 hour session (morning or afternoon) or £34.99 for a full day. Prices include VAT.

Pay by debit/credit card with Stripe

2. Flexible Desk Membership

With our Flexible Desk Membership, you have the freedom to work when and where you want within our vibrant co-working space. Includes free access to our focus booth and member perks and discounts:

Price: £149/month inc. VAT buys 8 day passes (60 hours)

Pay by GoCardless direct debit

3. Dedicated Desk Membership

If you thrive in a consistent and dedicated work environment, our Dedicated Desk Membership is perfect for you. Here’s what you can expect with this membership:

  • Reserved workspace: enjoy the luxury of having your own dedicated desk in our co-working space. Set up your personal workstation with your equipment and belongings, ensuring a familiar and comfortable environment every day.
  • Priority booking: reserve your dedicated desk in advance, guaranteeing your preferred spot is always available when you arrive. Say goodbye to searching for a workspace; your spot will be waiting for you.
  • Enhanced storage options: store your belongings securely with personal storage units or lockable cabinets, ensuring that your essentials are safe and easily accessible. You will have your own key fob for 24/7 access.

Price: £349/month inc. VAT

Pay by GoCardless direct debit

Virtual Office Membership

For professionals who don’t require a physical workspace but still desire a prestigious business address and professional support, our Virtual Office Membership is the ideal choice. Here’s what you can expect with this membership:

  • Business address and mail handling: utilise our prominent address as your business address, enhancing your professional image. We’ll handle your mail and packages, providing you with a reliable and secure solution for your business correspondence.
  • Phone forwarding services: a local number with calls forwarded to your mobile, voicemails transcribed and sent as email.
  • Meeting room access: Schedule and book meeting rooms on-demand for client meetings, presentations, and collaborative sessions whenever you need them. 3 hours per month.

Price: £60/month inc. VAT

Pay by GoCardless direct debit

Please note that the pricing mentioned above is a suggested starting point and can be customised based on your specific needs and local market conditions. We offer flexible terms and additional add-on services to create a membership package tailored to your requirements.

Join Hurst Works today and unlock a co-working experience that matches your work style and supports your professional growth. Contact us now to discuss your membership options and get started on your journey with HurstWorks.

COMING SOON….Hurst Learns: Empowering Your Child’s Educational Journey

Preparing for the transition from primary to secondary school or navigating the challenging path to GCSE success can be overwhelming for both parents and students. 

At Hurst Learns, we understand the importance of providing personalized support and guidance during these crucial stages of education. 

Our Offerings:

Transition Support : from Primary to Secondary School

The transition from primary to secondary school can be a significant milestone for any child. Our Transition Support course will focus on helping children prepare academically, socially, and emotionally for this new chapter. Through personalized lessons, targeted skill-building exercises, and mentorship from our teaching assistants, we aim to instill confidence, resilience, and a positive mindset to ensure a successful transition.

GCSE Preparation : Target Success 

The GCSE years are crucial for academic achievement and future opportunities. Our GCSE Preparation programme provides comprehensive support to help your child excel in their exams. We offer subject-specific guidance, exam strategies, and practice resources designed to enhance their understanding and boost their confidence. Our teaching assistants are available to answer questions, provide feedback, and offer one-on-one support throughout the journey.

Interested ? Contact us now to learn more and get started on your child’s educational journey with Hurst Learns.

    Building Strong Connections: The Power of Networking in a Co-Working Space

    Are you tired of working in isolation? Do you wish you had a network of like-minded professionals to collaborate with and gain valuable insights from? Look no further than a co-working space!

    Co-working spaces have revolutionised the way people work, offering much more than just a shared office environment. One of the most significant benefits of co-working is the power of networking. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of networking in a co-working space and how it can transform your professional journey.

    Building Meaningful Professional Relationships

    Networking within a co-working space provides you with an excellent opportunity to build meaningful professional relationships. You’ll be surrounded by a diverse community of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers, all with unique skills and experiences. Engaging with fellow co-workers can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and even new business opportunities. By fostering genuine connections, you expand your network and create a support system that can propel your career forward.

    How to be more effective at networking

    Networking effectively in a co-working space requires a proactive approach. Here are a 5 top tips to make the most out of your networking efforts:

    a) Be genuine and authentic: approach networking with a genuine desire to connect and help others. Authenticity goes a long way in building trust and lasting relationships.

    b) Attend events and workshops: co-working spaces often organise events, workshops, and networking sessions. Take advantage of these opportunities to meet new people, learn from industry experts, and exchange ideas.

    c) Engage in community activities: Get involved in the community activities and initiatives organised by the co-working space. Whether it’s a group discussion, a lunchtime meet up, or a social event, actively participate to expand your network.

    d) Offer support and value: networking is a two-way street! Be generous with your knowledge, skills, and connections. Offer support and value to others, and they are more likely to reciprocate.

    e) Utilise co-working space amenities: co-working spaces often provide common areas, lounges, and shared resources. Make use of these spaces to engage with fellow co-workers and strike up conversations.

    Success Stories of Co-working Networkers

    Countless success stories have emerged from the power of networking within co-working spaces. Entrepreneurs have found co-founders, freelancers have secured major projects, and professionals have discovered mentors who have guided them to new heights. By actively networking in a co-working space, you position yourself at the center of a dynamic ecosystem, surrounded by individuals who are as driven, ambitious, and eager to connect as you.

    Overcoming Challenges

    Networking can be intimidating, especially for introverted individuals or those new to the co-working environment. However, by acknowledging and addressing these challenges, you can navigate them effectively. Here are some common networking challenges and strategies to overcome them:

    • Overcoming Shyness: Take small steps to step out of your comfort zone. Start with simple conversations, gradually building your confidence.
    • Finding Common Ground: Look for shared interests or experiences to initiate conversations. Co-working spaces often attract professionals from various industries, providing ample opportunities for common ground.
    • Building Rapport: Active listening and genuine curiosity can help you build rapport with others. Ask open-ended questions, show interest in their work, and be an engaged listener.
    • Following Up: After initial conversations, make sure to follow up with contacts. Connect on professional networking platforms, schedule coffee meetings, or collaborate on projects to solidify relationships.

     Fostering a Supportive Work Environment

    Finally, one of the most significant advantages of networking in a co-working space is the sense of community and support it fosters. You are surrounded by individuals facing similar challenges and aspirations, and they can provide guidance, advice, and motivation when you need it most. The relationships you build in a co-working space can extend beyond business, leading to lasting friendships and emotional support.

    So you seem networking in a co-working space is a game-changer for professionals seeking to grow their careers and expand their horizons. By building meaningful relationships, leveraging opportunities, and overcoming networking challenges, you can harness the power of networking within a vibrant co-working community. So come on, step out, introduce yourself, and watch as your network expands, propelling you to new heights of success.