Welcome to HurstWorks, your new village Co-Working space…coming soon.

Looking for a vibrant co-working space to inspire you in your current or new business venture? You’ve come to the right place! 

We’ll be offering a range of affordable memberships as well as a flexible pay-as-go option – all with high-speed internet and all the essentials you need as standard.

Click below to request a ‘hard hat’ tour of our co-working space as we complete our refurbishment – and be one of the first to see the space.

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Join as a member for a fee of £100 and receive priority booking of hot-desks and meeting rooms, meaning you can guarantee your spot at HurstWorks. All prices inclusive of VAT:

  • Flexible hot desk – £149 per month for 8 day access
  • Dedicated desk – £349 per month 24/7 access – SOLD OUT (email to join our waiting list)
  • Virtual office – £60 per month

Pay as you go options – an alternative to joining on a membership plan:

  • Half day pass – £25 (morning or afternoon for 4 hours)
  • Full day pass – £34.99

Read more about our membership options and pricing.


Embrace the Co-Working Lifestyle in Our Vibrant Village

At HurstWorks, we believe work should never be dull. Our co-working space is nestled at No. 36, High Street, in the heart of our friendly village, Hurstpierpoint.

Whether you’re a freelancer, start-up founder, or someone who works from home, our goal is to provide you with a supportive environment that nurtures productivity and fuels your entrepreneurial spirit. We will offer over 20 hotdesk stations, 3 meeting spaces as well as lockers and audio booths.

Equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi, ergonomic furniture, and all the essentials you need, our workspace is designed to boost your productivity and enhance your working experience. 

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Let’s connect and make great things happen!

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