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At HurstWorks our passion lies in our people. Whether you’re starting a business or need a place to talk to like-minded entrepreneurs, we love sharing your stories.

An office space

Putting Community First

When we created HurstWorks as a coworking space, our mission was clear: to cultivate a dynamic working community where ideas flow freely, achievements are celebrated, and growth is a certainty.

As a HurstWorks member, you’ll have access to our events, exclusive discounts at nearby cafes and shops, and the opportunity to connect with a diverse array of incredible individuals.

Our Founders, Rachael & Rob…

Or otherwise known as the crazy lady who obsesses about making the highstreet better for everyone and the guy who quit his job in the big city to join her…
Having worked in the city for a number of years (too many to count!)I knew that there was a better way to work near home. HurstWorks has been a passion project to me as I know that there are so many incredible people looking for a place to work, thrive, connect, and of course collaborate.

Rob Fisher

Getting the High Street working again is very important to me. With our work on Wellness34 just next door, helping build Hurstworks has been incredibly exciting and I can’t wait to be a part of all of the events that we’ll be running.

Rachael Fisher

Rachael Fisher

Location Details


36 High Street, Hurstpierpoint, Hassocks, 
West Sussex, England, BN6 9RG

Opening times:

Weekdays 0800 - 1700
Saturday 0900 - 1400

Meet our Neighbours...



If you're looking for a place to relax, find a sense of calmness, or take part in something new, Wellness34 is located just next door. With daily classes and pop-in sessions, you're able to take a break during lunch and come back fully charged. Check out their website and socials for their full calendar.